Skill Building Group

Skill Building Group

Join us for a 20 week skills building group based on DBT principles. The group is designed to provide education and guidance in many areas of life challange.  We will address mindfulness, emotional regulation, decreasing vulnerability, distress tolerance, reality acceptance and interpersonal effectiveness.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Learn an Overview of Mindfulness Skills
  2. Learn to understand and name emotions
  3. Learn to decrease emotional vulnerability.
  4. Learn problem solving skills.
  5. Build a life worth living.
  6. Learn to plan ahead for future difficulties.
  7. Build crisis survival skills.
  8. Learn to self sooth using your five senses.
  9. Learn the concept of radical acceptance.
  10. Learn skills for keeping and improving relationships.

To Register Contact Megan at 503-842-7855.

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