Workshops & Retreats

Create Change offers workshops and retreats for individuals, couples and businesses.

Sessions are designed with personal and professional development in mind. Many topics, as well as locations and lengths of workshops and retreats, are available. Create Change is committed to stretching clients towards reaching their goals.

Communication in Relationships

This one day program is designed to teach participants a simple and efficient way to work with the relationships in their life. The program is fun, highly interactive and skills-based. Participants have expressed that this training has provided them skills that help not only their professional, but all areas of their lives.

Mastering Interpersonal Competency

This program utilizes a systematic approach to teaching the skills necessary to create productive relationships. This instruction builds upon the concepts and language of communication training, and adds the necessary components for your relationships to achieve their maximum potential. Individuals will develop and practice the “Eight Core Interpersonal Competencies” necessary for peak performance. Competency will be taught in 1) Accountability; 2) Assertiveness; 3) Active Listening; 4) Mentoring; 5) Decision Making; and 6) Constructive Feedback.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Issues such as personality style, motivation, procrastination and self image are important in achieving goals. This program teaches critical skills for setting and achieving goals and helping each client excel.

Communication, Intimacy and Conflict Resolution

Couples will take a variety of tests to determine their communication, intimacy and conflict resolution styles. We will identify the natural strengths and achilles heels of each style in a way that builds communication, intimacy and resolution of conflict through increased understanding of each other.

Discover Your Personal Compass

Whether you are seeking something new, making a transition or coming to the end of a life phase, The Personal Compass gives you space to review your past, take stock of the present and imagine and plan for the future.

Clarify your hopes and dreams | Assess your needs, skills and situation | Set goals to achieve what you desire | and Create an action plan to make your dreams come true.

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