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Couple Mapping Program

Communication, Intimacy, and Conflict Resolution * Identify your core personality type using the Peoplemap™ * Learn to communicate more effectively with your partner and others * Identify your intimacy style and the impact that has on your relationships * Build conflict resolution skills you'll...


Mediation and Couples Counseling

Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. It is generally a short-term, structured, task-oriented, and "hands-on" process. Mediation allows two disputing parties to reach a mutual agreement by utilizing a neutral mediator who identifies the issues/desired outcome of each party and facilitates...


Wound Healing

I recently had a deep infected cyst removed from my back. Flying to Mexico for some sun and relaxation with a large white patch on my back I was reminded of the wounds we all carry. Wounds infected by victimization, false teaching, and generational patterns....