Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Performance  coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools successful people use to live extraordinary lives.



Used for years in the corporate world to improve teamwork, productivity and leadership, coaching provides an ongoing partnership between the coach and client that is designed to produce results in the clients’ personal and professional lives. A coach serves as a catalyst for change by creating accountability, clarifying and focusing attention and moving the client towards action. Coaching is like having a personal trainer for life, taking people to the “next level” financially, relationally and spiritually.

People set goals throughout life that direct their decisions and actions. Attaining them can provide rewards that go far beyond the actual goals itself. Even with the drive, the knowledge and the skills, there can be unknown or unexplainable blocks that keep people from reaching their goals. Coaching can not only help identify these blocks but also get rid of them, allowing clients to finally break through the barriers that have kept them from achieving their peak performance.

Create Change offers individual, business and group coaching. Topics for group coaching include developing a business plan, discovering your personal compass and mastering interpersonal competence.

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