Exploration– An exciting word offering the potential for finding greatness! And it’s not very often that you can combine exploration of vast physical beauty while at the same time being able to take time to explore the more personal aspects of your life and relationships. Let us offer you one of those opportunities!

Have you always wanted to explore Alaska with its amazing views and scenery? If so, join us for a combined Alaskan cruise and relationship workshop this summer. The cruise will follow the Inside Passage past glaciers, waterfalls and wildlife. The ship “Norwegian Jewel” has great accommodations and wonderful amenities. When stopping at various ports of call, a variety of land excursions will also be offered.

While on board you will also receive 14-hours of training in communication styles, intimacy preferences and conflict resolution.

This is an “Exploration” that has the potential to thrill you with the physical beauty of our land and, at the same time, change your life. Don’t let his opportunity slip by! Check out our Workshop & Retreat page for more information!

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