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Through Business Training, Performance Coaching, Counseling and Workshop and Retreats, We Can Create Change.

Our programs focus on building the necessary leadership skills and interpersonal competence to optimize teamwork and achieve goals.

Create Change clients gain the skills they need to create strong alliances and relationships built upon honesty and integrity. Create Change is dedicated to meeting the needs of your organization, and the individuals within it. Workshops are tailored to the goals and specific needs of your entire team. Individual coaching is added as personal barriers to success are identified, and Create Change joins the team and assists in achieving maximum and overall success.

Create Change works with couples, families and individuals to build communication and conflict resolution skills. Goal setting workshops and Life Transition Retreats are designed to guide clients towards desired goals.

Workshops and Retreats are available with emphasis on entrepreneurs, small business, faith-based and health care industries. Business Plan Development is offered with a focus on objectives and the strategies necessary for obtaining results.

Workshops can be provided for full days, half days or two-hour segments depending upon location, topic and organizational preference.

Communication in Relationships.

This workshop teaches a simple and efficient way to enhance relationships in your personal and professional lives. Personality testing will be utilized to build skills for successful communication.

Strategic Management.

Communication styles, supervisory preferences and organizational cultures will be examined in order to build team effectiveness. Strategic management training is designed to assist with job placement and team design to ensure success.

Leadership Development and Team Building.

This training teaches the critical skills of cultivating productive relationships and creating individual and team success. Competencies are developed taking into consideration the complicated dynamics of providing effective organizational leadership.

Peak Performance, Goal Setting and Achievement.

This program teaches the seven critical skills for setting and achieving goals and includes the development of individual plans for peak performance. Personality style, motivation, procrastination and self image are examined regarding their impact on achieving goals.

Customer Service.

This training teaches effective customer service through understanding and adjustment to each person’s communication style and personal needs. Techniques are taught to build loyalty and satisfaction in our service to others.

Jump Start Your Business.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners will utilize the One Page Business Plan to clarify business vision and mission; define how the business will be built, managed and expanded; and develop projects and action steps to be completed over the next few years.

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