Business | Staff Training

Master the skills that provide the foundation of success in business relationships.
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Performance Coaching

Fine tune your path to experience success with your personal and professional goals.
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Heal yourself through a combination of effective techniques designed to bring wholeness.
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Workshops & Retreats

Create the time and space needed for real change to take place.
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From Business Training and Strategic Coaching to Counseling and Workshops and Retreats, We’re Creating Change

Our Business Training, Performance Coaching, Counseling and Workshop and Retreats, help our clients create change. Our programs focus on building the necessary leadership skills and interpersonal competence to optimize teamwork and achieve goals. Create Change clients gain the skills they need to create strong alliances and relationships built upon honesty and integrity.

Create Change is dedicated to meeting the needs of your organization, and the individuals within it. Workshops are tailored to the goals and specific needs of your entire team.

Individual coaching is added as personal barriers to success are identified, and Create Change joins the team and assists in achieving maximum and overall success.

Sheila Walty is a master’s level counselor who has provided counseling services for the past 25 years for individuals, couples and families.

Her comprehensive counseling addresses mind, body, and spiritual and emotional components. Sheila specializes in trauma recovery using body centered as well as cognitive techniques. Her clients have included those suffering from abuse, depression, anxiety, bipolar and multiple personality disorder as well as panic and post traumatic stress disorders. Therapeutic techniques include EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Scientifically proven and effective therapeutic techniques are utilized to promote connection, growth and healing. Sheila has become known as the “professional’s choice” for therapy.